Call for Help with Road Hardening

Dear ACCEF, Thank you for sponsoring the 1:1 Rainbow project in our school. The Zhang Wuying Elementary School at Li Dazhuang, a rural poverty area in the Xihua County in Henan Province, was founded in 1958. The school has been serving children from the nearby five villages and currently has around 100 students. Since 2018, […]

Laptop Donation to Daliang Shan

ACCEF, together with Mingyun Capital, donated 36 Dell laptops to 36 students of the Chinese Yi ethnic minority in Dalingshan area, who were recently accepted by colleges in 2019.

School Building

Help to build schools in remote poverty area to make children go to school easier.

Daliangshan Grant Program

By November 2014, ACCEF established “Daliangshan Grant Program” to support the Yi Tribal school and student projects in Daliangshan area, Sichuan Province. In January 2015, ACCEF sent warm gloves and hats, school backpacks and stationery to the school. Due to limited funds available, only fifth graders and sixth graders have received the gifts. We are […]

Bookshelves to Qilong Elementary School

ACCEF Delivered Bookshelves to Qilong Elementary School in Weining County, Guizhou Province.  In February 2016, ACCEF volunteer in Guizhou Province has learned that students in Qilong Elementary school have had received new books from the local educational bureau, however, they were unable to organize the books due to lack of funding to purchase bookshelves. This […]