Call for Help with Road Hardening


Thank you for sponsoring the 1:1 Rainbow project in our school. The Zhang Wuying Elementary School at Li Dazhuang, a rural poverty area in the Xihua County in Henan Province, was founded in 1958. The school has been serving children from the nearby five villages and currently has around 100 students. Since 2018, when Xihua County initiated the Free Education and Balanced Development program, the school has invested over 40,000 Chinese Yuan to improve our educational environment for the students. Despite a large amount of debts consequence, a lot of work remains incomplete.

One urgent example is the muddy road at the school entrance and around the bathrooms. With the rainy season around the corner, the muddy road is becoming increasingly inconvenient and even dangerous for teachers, parents, and especially the young students. The road needs to harden, but sadly, the school cannot afford to carry out this project.

We, therefore, ask you to help us raise awareness as well as monetary donations, for us to fix the road and make it a safer place for everyone in the school. Thank you very much for your generous consideration, and your help is truly appreciated!

Sincerely yours,
Zhang Wuying Elementary School

The muddy road at the school entrance and around the bathrooms.

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