Daliang Shan Project

Daliang Shan is a beautiful but poor mountainous area in Sichun province. Education is a luxury for most children living there.

In September 2017, accompanied by an ACCEF volunteer Jiang Zhu, ACCEF president Qing Huang went to Daliang Shan to visit the Loving Care Class and the Rainbow Program-sponsored students. Below is what he wrote after the visit.

“During our trip in Zhaojue, Daliang Shan, we met with our collaborators, Principal Ma and Mr. Zhang. We also visited three ACCEF-sponsored Loving Care Classes, and had very nice interactions with the students.

“We also visited our current and potential future Rainbow Program students. While we were pleased to see the big progress the students had been making, we were also shocked by the poverty and their living situations. Including those who were given up by their widowed parents, there are about 1,000 orphans, representing around 12% of total student population.

“This trip has made us realize how urgent the financial assistance is for the education in Daliang Shan. There is still a lot of work for ACCEF to do to help them. Here are some pictures we took at Zhaojue. We’d like to thank our friends for all your support along the way.”

Please help these children to realize their dreams to go to school and enjoy the “luxury” of education!

If you would like to become a sponsor, please feel free to look up the student information listed here, and complete the Sponsorship Inquiry Form. ACCEF workers will contact you as soon as possible to help you set up the sponsorship.

2020-2021 Financial aid (1 US dollar = 7 Chinese Yuan)

¥/year $ /year  with match
Elementary School 700  100  55
Middle School 2000  290  155
High School 3000  430  235

Note: Above amounts are for reference only, the actual amount needed maybe vary based on the region and time.