Jiang Xi Project

Since the project in Jiang Xi province started in 2009, it has helped more than 200 students at school. They all study very hard, and every year, some of them would make their way into colleges. We are glad that our program is able to help so many children, whose hard work and achievements have made us proud.


In the summer, the Youth Care Club of ACCEF organized a self-funded trip to Jiang Xi. They not only taught classes to the 120 children left behind by their parents due to work or other reasons, but also visited more than 40 students who were being or to be sponsored.

In August, ACCEF received financial aid applications from another 23 students. By September 18, all the students had found their matching sponsors, thanks to the hard work by ACCEF volunteers! A total funding of $2302 was collected to support 17 elementary school students ($92 per year) and 6 middle school students ($123 per year).

2020-2021 Financial Aid for Jiang Xi Project (1 US dollar = 7 Chinese Yuan)

2020-2021 Financial Aid Exchange Rate 7:1
 ¥/year  $ /year with match
Elementary School 700 $100 $55
Middle School 1000 $145 $80
High School 2500 $360 $195

Click the link below for the information on the students who are currently seeking financial aids.