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2017 ACCEF Chinese New Year Show

ACCEF sponsored its 11th Chinese new year charity party at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts on January 22, 2017. Thank you all for attending the party.

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by Alan Su Photography, Xin Xin Photography,

Photos were taken also by Heyun Su, Yihui Peng, Lei Xu, Lingyun Wei, Jun Cui, Tina, Guosheng Xu, Tong Tang, Long Duan, and Shiping Li.


金鸡报晓 共创明天 美国圣地亚哥华人举办ACCEF慈善春晚过大年

ACCEF 公众号报道

第十一届“心手相连”慈善春晚于2017年1月22日晚在Poway Center for Performing Arts 落下帷幕

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