ACCEF Youth Care Club Helping Out at Computer 2 San ​Diego Kids

With the COVID-19 Pandemic causing school closures, thousands of students are trying to complete their education from home, many without access to a computer. During the summer, YCC members started volunteering at Computers 2 San Diego Kids Warehouse (C2SDK) every week to work on recycling, cleaning, and refurbishing laptops, computers, and the components. These basic tasks can help provide computers to low-income families. YCC dedicated to the year-round volunteer effort to give less fortunate kids a chance for better education in this soon to be the digital world.

Making a Difference

YCC students and parents have been volunteering at the C2SDK warehouse 10 times by the Labor Day weekend. They helped fulfill the high demands of computers in this challenging time.


Power adapters inspected, cleaned and boxed


Yoga laptops cleaned


Hard drives removed


LCD monitors tested and cleaned