ACCEF Youth Care Club Homemade Face Shield Project

Congratulations to the local Chinese American community for working together to achieve another major milestone: On Sunday, May 10th, the American Chinese Cultural Education Foundation (ACCEF) once again sent a large batch of PPE donation to New York and Massachusetts: including 15 non-invasive ventilators over 10,000 pieces of PPE (N95 masks, surgical masks, goggles and face shields). Most of the PPE went to the Elmhurst Hospital, an epicenter hospital in New York.

Within this batch of PPE there are over 1,000 face shields, which is the result of grass root community partnership among YCC, a local famous FTC robot team named “The Clueless 11212”, the local Spare PPE Make-n-Donate Group and a local volunteer Mrs. Rebecca Fritz.

The story for the ventilators and the face masks are similar. Multiple institutions and numerous volunteers contributed their own money and time to form such a strong support for our east coast Americans.

Thank you ACCEF for leading the community, to gather local resources and focus them into a strong support for the needed ones on the east coast. Today ACCEF has put down an impressive story on our diaries.