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2015 – 2019

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01/2014: ACCEF collaborated with Bohua group for 8th ACCEF CNY charity event.
06/2014: ACCEF sponsored “Reaching Dreams” in Guangxi by 6.1 Children Day.
09/2014: ACCEF established Chinese Culture Scholarship at Mesa College.
11/2014: ACCEF established Da Liang Shan Project in Sichuan Yi minority region.
12/2014: PFS completed 5th consultation seminar series in Yunan with success.
12/2014: The new ACCEF website was launched for 2nd 10-year operation.


02/2013: ACCEF Winter Cloth project sent holiday greetings to Guangxi students.
02/2013: 7th ACCEF Chinese New Year charity event successfully concluded.
05/2013: ACCEF delivered 250 new desks to Guangxi school by 6.1 Children Day.
08/2013: College Freshman Scholarship continued to sponsor 29 students.
08/2013: Youth Care Club (YCC) successfully organized 4th Talent Show.
09/2013:First group of Proud Female Students entered college with confidence.


02/2012: Sichuan Earthquake survivor touched the audience at 6th ACCEF CNY event.
04/2012: ACCEF supplied broadcasting system to Hunan schools.
06/2012: ACCEF donated computers to Sichuan schools.
08/2012: The 5th Board of Directors was elected by democratic election.
09/2012: ACCEF donated multi-media systems to Guangxi schools.
10/2012: Proud Female Student (PFS) Projects in Yunnan joined ACCEF operation.


04/2011: ACCEF collaborated with PCOM for 1st TCM exchange program in China.
07/2011: ACCEF and Qualcomm volunteers supported summer program in Guizhou.
08/2011: 1st ACCEF Chinese volunteers meeting held in Guangzhou.
08/2011: College Freshman Scholarship established to support first 11 students.
09/2011: ACCEF School 17 was built in Guizhou.
10/2011: An Hui Fund established to support Fujian students and school projects.


01/2010: ACCEF voted as top 100 US charities by Chase Charity Giving.
02/2010: 4th ACCEF CNY event featured Ambassador Mr Liu Yunlong.
02/2010: Mei Hua Scholarship established to support students and teachers.
04/2010: Monthly e-newsletter issued to connect members and bigger community.
08/2010: ACCEF hosted 7th Children Film Festival in San Diego.
10/2010: ACCEF and Boston groups co-organized charity performance in Boston.


05/2009: ACCEF and Pfizer donated two computer labs in earthquake areas.
05/2009: ACCEF and Boston group donated library to Shifang school in Sichuan.
06/2009: YCC visited earthquake victims in 2nd charity trip to Sichuan China.
07/2009: ACCEF rebuilt two schools damaged by Sichuan earthquake.
12/2009: ACCEF built 16 schools and sponsored 500 students in past 5 years.
12/2009: Movie star Liu Yunlong was honored as 2009/10 ACCEF Ambassador.


01/2008: San Diego County declared January 5th to be the “ACCEF Day”.
01/2008: 2nd ACCEF Chinese New Year (CNY) charity event had success.
04/2008: ACCEF co-organized Yang X.R. Art Exhibition reception at Balboa Park.
05/2008: ACCEF raised $1.5M to support Sichuan earthquake victims.
05/2008: ACCEF first oversea foundation worked in earthquake disaster areas.
10/2008: ACCEF “Rainbow Project” (one-to-one sponsorship) established.
11/2009: ACCEF volunteer team won 2008 BD Henry Beckon Award.
12/2008: Four more ACCEF schools were built and total school reached 13.


06/2007: Youth Care Club (YCC) organized 1st charity trip to Guangxi, China.
10/2007: 1st Zhi Xin library was established with ACCEF schools in Guangxi.
12/2007: ACCEF led community fund-raising to support injured SD fire-fighters.
12/2007: Three more ACCEF schools were built and total school reached 9.


01/2006: 1st ACCEF elementary school was open for class in Lingyun, Guangxi.
03/2006: 1st Hand-in-Hand charity performance event successfully concluded.
06/2006: ACCEF School 2 was rebuilt and opened for class in Lingyun, Guangxi.
10/2006: Open election selected 2nd term Board of Directors with expansion.
11/2016: ACCEF School 5 was built with donation from charity performance.
12/2006: Total 6 ACCEF schools was built in Sichuan and Guangxi.


07/2005: ACCEF decided to rebuild a Guangxi school damaged by hailstorm.
09/2005: 1st ACCEF Xuan-Chun scholarship was established in Liaoning, China.
09/2005: ACCEF debuted first public appearance at CCBA Moon Festival event.


07/2004: ACCEF was incorporated in California as a non-profit charitable organization.
07/2004: ACCEF 19 members held 1st meeting to elect 5-member Board of Directors.
09/2004: ACCEF board passed the foundation bylaw and 1st term management team.
09/2004: Sponsors supported 35 under-privileged students in Guangxi, China.
11/2004: ACCEF member visited sponsored students in Lingyun, Guangxi.
12/2004: Internal Revenue Service granted ACCEF 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status.