Students Visit in the Town of Luoshi, Sichuan Province

Recently, as part of a group of ACCEF volunteers, I traveled back to the region affected by the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake to help distribute funds for ACCEF sponsored students in the town of Luoshi.

We have traveled the route to Luoshi for countless times since the 2008 earthquake. Most of the students we sponsored since 2008 have graduated from middle school and moved on to high school/college/career. Now only 3 students are still in middle school. Seeing how they are doing now compared to 8 years ago made us all very proud of what we have achieved.

One of the old photos taken 8 years ago showed me being interviewed by a Beijing TV reporter when the ACCEF’s 20-ton truck loaded with relief supplies arrived at Dujiangyan. Only then did I learn that ACCEF was the first international charitable organization to reach the frontline of the disaster zone. 8 years on, we are determined to carry on what we have started and continued to sponsor students in the region.




Donation Funds Distributed to the Sponsored Students in Huichang, China in Oct. 2016

A total of 9600 RMB (approximately 1.5K USD) of ACCEF Donation Fund was distributed to 8 students at Huichang Middle School of Jiangxi Province on Oct. 26, 2016. They are beneficiaries of the successful ACCEF Rainbow Project. In 2009 Huichang Middle School became one of many ACCEF sponsored schools, and dozens of students’ life has been changed ever since.

2016 ACCEF Annual Picnic – Pictures

The annual 2016 ACCEF Annual Picnic was a huge success. This event is in appreciation for everyone who supports and volunteers with our organization. Thank you!

Please see the feature by US Chinese Press click here.

Photos below by Shiping Li. See full album click here.

2016 ACCEF Annual Picnic

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Election of the 7th Board of ACCEF – Jackson Tung Elected as the New Chair and Ms. Nan Jiang Elected as the New President

The seventh board election has successfully concluded, and all five candidates have been elected to serve the Seventh ACCEF Board of Directors (2016-2018). They are: Charles Huang, Li Li, Nan Jiang, Jackson Tung, and Lucy Xia.

After the election, a joint 6th and 7th Board meeting was held at Linda Mok’s house in San Diego on September 11, 2016 at 5:30 pm (pacific time).  Those attended the meeting were Ms. Linda Mok (Chairperson serving the 6th board), Mr. Charles Huang (departing President, serving the 6th and 7th board), Ms. Li Li (serving the 6th and 7th board), Ms. Nan Jiang (serving the 6th and 7th board), Mr. Jackson Tung (serving the 6th and 7th board; attending the meeting from China via video conferencing), Ms. Lucy Xia (serving the 7th board). In addition, Ms. Nancy Shi was invited to attend the meeting as an administrator.

The first business item for the 7th Board was to elect the Chair and President of ACCEF.  The voting was done anonymously and administered by Nancy Shi.  The outcome was unanimous approval for:

  • Jackson Tung as Chair
  • Nan Jiang as President

Their terms along with all the 7th Board members will be for a two year period from 2016 to 2018.

Questions please send to

ACCEF Donated Library Furniture to Junmengling Middle School in JiangXi Province

It has been six years since the main classroom building put to use for Junmenling Middle School in Huichang County, Jiangxi Province in China. Thanks to the efforts of the staff and faculty, there were over 21,000 books accumulated over the years for the students to read and review, except that they there were no tables or chairs in the library. Students had to stand by the window or kneel down on the floor while reading books. (as shown in the picture) And the books were neither organized nor indexed.


2016-08-17 (1) 2016-08-17


Library-07 Library-03 Library-04Library-16Library-19

As ACCEF received a request for funding from our volunteers in Jiangxi, we have immediately approved the funding for the project. In June 2016, ACCEF volunteers have delivered 9 reading tables, 30 chairs, and 5 book shelves to the school. Along with the installation of the new furniture, the school has established a new set of library rules and policies to ensure proper management of book flow and loan terms. All the 115 teachers and 1633 students in Junmengling Middle School are now able to enjoy reading in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

(Written by Nan Jiang. Material and photos provided by Yonghuang Zeng)

“Books Corners” Opened in Two Highschools of Daliangshan

Ever since ACCEF launched the education program in Daliangshan, we have received donation from all sources. Most recently we have facilitated a few donors from Silicon Valley to fund the “Book Corner” projects in two highschools of Daliangshan. Because of the limited space in these schools, a typical library is beyond their affordability therefore out of the question. However, it is imperative for the Yi students to be able to learn and read Mandarin on a daily basis. With
the financial help from these friends in Silicon Valley, the schools have purchased hundreds of Mandarin books and opened these “Book Corners” in classrooms for the students.

The natural beauty is breathtaking in Daliangshan, yet poverty has stricken the 2 million Yi ethnic people. Poverty due to the barren land and the sheer isolation from the outside world left these villages well behind the drastic economic transformation in most parts of China. Adding to all these obstacles of economic development, this area has been a center for drug traffickers. This has led to the serious drug uses and AID/HIV issues. Health and educational situation is davastating to the local families. ACCEF is dedicated to raising awareness and bringing financial help to this region. Since summer of 2015, we have sponsored over 80 students in Daliangshan region. In 2016, ACCEF is planning to open two classes in a middle school and high school where 100 students will benefit from the sponsored program. We are also looking for funds of different levels, to fund schools improvements and teacher training.

To inquire about ACCEF and Daliangshan Projects, please contact

昭觉中学高一(1)班书柜  昭觉民中高二(4)班书柜

ACCEF met with Qualcomm Employees to discuss charity efforts in Daliangshan

On May 19, 2016, the President of American Chinese Culture and Education Foundation (ACCEF), Charles Huang, board director, Ms. Nan Jiang, and leaders of ACCEF’s education programs, Ms. Yaofang Fu and Mr. Ran Lu, visited Qualcomm Incorporation and had a lunch meeting with more than 20 Qualcomm employees.

ACCEF has a long-standing relationship with Qualcomm employees, who not only made a significant donation to the 2008 Sichuan earthquake relief project in 2008, they have also been actively involved in the “One-on-One Rainbow Project” and sponsored nearly 50 under-privileged students. Charles Huang first expressed deep appreciation for the continuous support from Qualcomm employees.

Charles Huang also shared with the attendants the history of ACCEF, the current focus of their charity effort as well as his vision for ACCEF’s future. His introduction of the “Daliangshan Project” has especially sparked interest among the audience.

One major topic of this meeting was to discuss the feasibility of gathering a pool of donors at Qualcomm to sponsor one class of 50 students in Min Zu High School at Zhao Jue County, Liangshan region. This will be a different approach than the “Rainbow Project”. Ms. Yaofang Fu explained in detail how the project would work and how the criteria of the program have been established.

Quite a few attendants showed interest in participating in the project at the meeting. It was also suggested by the attendants that word about this project should be spread more widely inside Qualcomm as more people are willing to help. ACCEF volunteer leader at Qualcomm, Mr. Wenwei Zha, will facilitate further communication between ACCEF and potential donors via email and other social media platform.

To inquire about this project, please contact Wenwei Zha or

Article and Photos by Wenwei Zha

accef_qualcomm_1 accef_qualcomm_2

Five children from impoverished mountainous regions of Western China, Da Liang Shan, are seeking sponsorship


1. 纠格XX,男,14岁,昭觉民族中学初二 彝族
2.石XX, 男,15岁,昭觉民族中学初二 彝族
3.阿无XX,男,15岁,昭觉民族中学初一 彝族
4.阿皮XX,男,18岁,昭觉民族中学高一 彝族
5.吉力XX,男,16岁,昭觉民族中学初二 彝族

Update – Dec 2015 – Proud Student Available Sponsorship

We are currently seeking sponsorship for the following minority female students (as of 12/30/2015):



1. 李 X, 普洱一中 高一 女 哈尼族
2. 玉 X, 普洱一中 高一 女 傣族, 孤儿
3. 娜 X,孟连一中 高一 女 佤族
4. 张XX,孟连一中 高一 女 拉祜族
5. 潘XX,孟连一中 高一 女 汉族,单亲
6. 高XX,孟连一中 高一 女 拉祜族