Daliangshan Project Update

In the summer of 2015, ACCEF volunteers Ms. Yaofang Fu, Mr. Ran Lu and Ms. Wendy Zhuang have visited the Daliangshan mountainous region, along with volunteers from the photography interest group “Refraction Era”. ACCEF is deeply concerned about the high dropout rates of local children and their overall health condition. After interviewing  numerous families in the village, we have identified 66 students that need financial aids immediately. Within a couple of months we have located and sent donation for these students, and with the timely help all 66 students were able to return to school in the fall 2015. ACCEF is determined to continue its charitable effort in Daliangshan area, and is currently in the process of identifying more students that need help as well as special projects that will improve the students’ study and living environment. [Photo by James Guo]

Read more about Dailiangshan (Courtesy of Ms. Jinyi Li)