Bookshelves to Qilong Elementary School

ACCEF Delivered Bookshelves to Qilong Elementary School in Weining County, Guizhou Province. 
In February 2016, ACCEF volunteer in Guizhou Province has learned that students in Qilong Elementary school have had received new books from the local educational bureau, however, they were unable to organize the books due to lack of funding to purchase bookshelves. This directly affected how the 539 students and 25 teachers utilize the books. As soon as ACCEF was informed of this situation, we started to look for donation to fund the project. Within weeks we have secured funding, located a local supplier, and delivered 12 bookshelves to the school, just in time for the students returning for the spring semester.

ACCEF 资助人为贵州省贫困地区赠送爱心图书架

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