ACCEF Announces New Board of Directors

Dear ACCEF members, sponsors, volunteers, and supporters, We are thrilled to announce that Mrs. Guanglu (Lucy) Xia has been elected as Chair of the Board of ACCEF by current board members (2020-2022). Mr. Jing Zhao will continue to serve as the President of ACCEF. Thank you for all your support in the past years and […]

Notice: Adjustment of Sponsorship Fee on Certain Educational Programs

ACCEF has sponsored the One‐on‐One Rainbow Assistance Program (or Rainbow Program) and the Loving Care Class Program since 2004. The goal of these programs is to help students from poor areas in China finish their primary education by providing sponsorship fee. Considering the inflation and the changes in currency exchange rate during the past ten […]

YCC donations to feed health care workers

ABC News report: “Local teens use donations to feed health care workers”. Within an hour, the donation has doubled and jumped from $2k to $4.5k from local San Diegans.

ACCEF News Update

In the past two days, with the joint efforts of San Diego United Leo Club and Chengdu Seventh Middle School Alumni Association, we have donated a batch to Palomar, Kaiser, Scripps, My Chula vista Doctors, and Gary & Mary West Senior Wellness Center Medical supplies.

YCC Event Update:Meals to the Medical Staff(4/4)

The Youth Care Club (YCC) affiliated with ACCEF recently organized fundraising activities to deliver meals to the medical staff of local medical institutions to support these anti-epidemic heroes. There are currently 47 fundraisers and raised $ 1997. Three deliveries to Scripps, UCSD, etc.

YCC Meals For Health Heroes

YCC official announced “Meal For Health Heroes” fundraiser event. “We need to come together as a community in order to prevail in the battle against the Coronavirus, so lets all help to provide Meals for our Health Heroes.”

ACCEF 5th Round Fight Against COVID-19 Donation

“ACCEF fights against the COVID-19 donation” The fifth round of fundraising: For the community, based on home, everyone work together! Our goal: $ 50,000, order medical supplies and send them directly to American hospitals urgently need PPE.