Donation Funds Distributed to the Sponsored Students in Huichang, China in Oct. 2016

A total of 9600 RMB (approximately 1.5K USD) of ACCEF Donation Fund was distributed to 8 students at Huichang Middle School of Jiangxi Province on Oct. 26, 2016. They are beneficiaries of the successful ACCEF Rainbow Project. In 2009 Huichang Middle School became one of many ACCEF sponsored schools, and dozens of students’ life has been changed ever since.

“Rainbow Project” at 2016 Lunar New Year Celebration Extravaganza hosted by San Diego United Lions Club on Feb. 21, 2016

Organizers are Jasmine Seafood Restaurant and San Diego United Lions Club,
Sunday, February 21, 2016
5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, Registration & Networking for Success
6:45 pm to 9:00 pm, Dinner & Celebration
Jasmine Seafood Restaurant,
4609 Convoy Street, Ste. A, San Diego, CA 92111
Inquiry:  858 863 6888
Networking for Success
Welcome: “Firecrackers” & Lucky Lions
8-Course New Year Gourmet Dinner with Lobster
Live Performance by local & national talents
Opportunity & Raffle Drawing
To celebrate the 4,714th Lunar New Year, Year of the Golden Monkey
To provide a life changing opportunity for a better future through education and self-help to the under privileged orphans of the “AIDS affected villages” in the remote impoverished western China, (The “Rainbow Program” of ACCEF, a local 501C3 NGO,

Five children from impoverished mountainous regions of Western China, Da Liang Shan, are seeking sponsorship


1. 纠格XX,男,14岁,昭觉民族中学初二 彝族
2.石XX, 男,15岁,昭觉民族中学初二 彝族
3.阿无XX,男,15岁,昭觉民族中学初一 彝族
4.阿皮XX,男,18岁,昭觉民族中学高一 彝族
5.吉力XX,男,16岁,昭觉民族中学初二 彝族