ACCEF met with Qualcomm Employees to discuss charity efforts in Daliangshan

On May 19, 2016, the President of American Chinese Culture and Education Foundation (ACCEF), Charles Huang, board director, Ms. Nan Jiang, and leaders of ACCEF’s education programs, Ms. Yaofang Fu and Mr. Ran Lu, visited Qualcomm Incorporation and had a lunch meeting with more than 20 Qualcomm employees.

ACCEF has a long-standing relationship with Qualcomm employees, who not only made a significant donation to the 2008 Sichuan earthquake relief project in 2008, they have also been actively involved in the “One-on-One Rainbow Project” and sponsored nearly 50 under-privileged students. Charles Huang first expressed deep appreciation for the continuous support from Qualcomm employees.

Charles Huang also shared with the attendants the history of ACCEF, the current focus of their charity effort as well as his vision for ACCEF’s future. His introduction of the “Daliangshan Project” has especially sparked interest among the audience.

One major topic of this meeting was to discuss the feasibility of gathering a pool of donors at Qualcomm to sponsor one class of 50 students in Min Zu High School at Zhao Jue County, Liangshan region. This will be a different approach than the “Rainbow Project”. Ms. Yaofang Fu explained in detail how the project would work and how the criteria of the program have been established.

Quite a few attendants showed interest in participating in the project at the meeting. It was also suggested by the attendants that word about this project should be spread more widely inside Qualcomm as more people are willing to help. ACCEF volunteer leader at Qualcomm, Mr. Wenwei Zha, will facilitate further communication between ACCEF and potential donors via email and other social media platform.

To inquire about this project, please contact Wenwei Zha or

Article and Photos by Wenwei Zha

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