“Books Corners” Opened in Two Highschools of Daliangshan

Ever since ACCEF launched the education program in Daliangshan, we have received donation from all sources. Most recently we have facilitated a few donors from Silicon Valley to fund the “Book Corner” projects in two highschools of Daliangshan. Because of the limited space in these schools, a typical library is beyond their affordability therefore out of the question. However, it is imperative for the Yi students to be able to learn and read Mandarin on a daily basis. With
the financial help from these friends in Silicon Valley, the schools have purchased hundreds of Mandarin books and opened these “Book Corners” in classrooms for the students.

The natural beauty is breathtaking in Daliangshan, yet poverty has stricken the 2 million Yi ethnic people. Poverty due to the barren land and the sheer isolation from the outside world left these villages well behind the drastic economic transformation in most parts of China. Adding to all these obstacles of economic development, this area has been a center for drug traffickers. This has led to the serious drug uses and AID/HIV issues. Health and educational situation is davastating to the local families. ACCEF is dedicated to raising awareness and bringing financial help to this region. Since summer of 2015, we have sponsored over 80 students in Daliangshan region. In 2016, ACCEF is planning to open two classes in a middle school and high school where 100 students will benefit from the sponsored program. We are also looking for funds of different levels, to fund schools improvements and teacher training.

To inquire about ACCEF and Daliangshan Projects, please contact student@accef.net.

昭觉中学高一(1)班书柜  昭觉民中高二(4)班书柜