Students Visit in the Town of Luoshi, Sichuan Province

Recently, as part of a group of ACCEF volunteers, I traveled back to the region affected by the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake to help distribute funds for ACCEF sponsored students in the town of Luoshi.

We have traveled the route to Luoshi for countless times since the 2008 earthquake. Most of the students we sponsored since 2008 have graduated from middle school and moved on to high school/college/career. Now only 3 students are still in middle school. Seeing how they are doing now compared to 8 years ago made us all very proud of what we have achieved.

One of the old photos taken 8 years ago showed me being interviewed by a Beijing TV reporter when the ACCEF’s 20-ton truck loaded with relief supplies arrived at Dujiangyan. Only then did I learn that ACCEF was the first international charitable organization to reach the frontline of the disaster zone. 8 years on, we are determined to carry on what we have started and continued to sponsor students in the region.




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