“One-on-One Rainbow” Student Project

2008 marked the beginning of the “One-on-One Rainbow Project”. Many of our sponsors stepped up to the plate. These sponsors made long-term commitments to their students each year and take full financial responsibility of the these students’ education needs for the year. Each of the students that were selected to participate in the Rainbow Project were visited by our volunteers to determine students’ need. With these blossoming relationships, our sponsors also started exchanging letters with their sponsored students and building deeper relationships with these students and their families.

Here is how student sponsorship works:

1. We have teamed with “Xin Shou Jia Yuan”, a volunteer organization in China (www.you2v.com). They first provide us the student information. ACCEF members also provide some leads by various channels. When we received the poor students’ survey form, ACCEF China Student program team discusses and decides the qualified ones. Then we start to find the sponsors.

2. They who introduce the sponsored students information will provide the fund amount. If there is no certain fund amount, ACCEF has our own sponsor standard: Elementary school student $60-100 a year, Middle school student $90-200 a year, High school student $300-400 a year. College students will be taken into consideration according to their individual different situation. The orphans and the students in a very special situation may get a different help according to their need.

3. You can donate your fund once a year if the fund is received in the Fall which is the beginning of the new school year, or once a semester if the fund is given in the Spring which is the second half of the school year. ACCEF will wire money to China twice a year. “Xin Shou Jia Yuan” volunteers send money to the students’ schools. Your entire financial aid will guarantee to be used on your supported student without wasting a penny.

4. Mostly our sponsor method is one to one match. Which means it may be one person, or one family, or one institute to one student. You can choose the student you would like to help from our student sponsorship list. ACCEF also can help you to arrange this one to one sponsor match. 5. Every year, we will provide the following information for you:

1)    Student visit form.  It contains the student’s study scores, behavior performance, the student letter, the teacher’s comment and the volunteer comment and so on. Through this return visit each year, the sponsors can know better about the students study and living conditions. Meanwhile the students can express their feeling and thoughts as well.

2)    A letter from the middle school students and high school students.

3)    A New Year letter from ACCEF China student program group. It shows our gratitude for all the sponsors to support China student program mission and give a brief introduction about how this program ran in the past year.

6. We also will tell the students the sponsor’s brief information to let them know there are people to care about them, and encourage them to change their future and destiny by their efforts.

7. Every year, we will provide the following information for the students:

1)    Sponsor fund amount.

2)    A New Year letter to show our concern and to encourage them.

3)    The letters sponsors asked us to send to the students.

8. You can directly establish the connection with the children you sponsor by letters and telephone. Also you may ask the student to write the letter to you regularly. We ACCEF are very happy to help you to fulfill any of your requirements.

Many parents realize that their children live and study in such beautiful America country while many kids live in the poor areas in China and cannot afford to go to school. They show deep sympathy to them. Not only the parents themselves generously offer the donation with their love, but also they would like their children to learn and practice it. There are still many willing to reach out their loving hands to help the under-privileged school children who really need help because they feel they have flesh and blood relation with them. Our help may touch those poor kids’ hearts warmly and change their lives forever.

Dear friends, would you like to work with us to do this meaningful cause? Welcome to join our big loving family. Welcome to make any valuable comments and suggestions relating to student sponsorship program.

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