Proud Students

Proud Female Students started in 2008 in Menglian, Yunnan, focusing on supporting female ethnic minority students to go to high school and reduce their chance of falling into sex trade in Thailand.  Under the support and management of ACCEF, the project staff visit Menglian twice a year and personally award the scholarships to students and collect the student reports and photographs back to the sponsors who supported the students.

We have expanded the support of students from just one-on-one scholarships to seminars to help students select their college majors and career planning.  Also included are English speech contests and debates programs at universities.  Both female and male students are welcome. Thus the name change to Proud Students.

To learn more about “Proud Students” program, please click article here.

Sponsorships Available

We are currently seeking sponsorship for the following minority female students (as of 12/30/2015):