Election of the 7th Board of ACCEF – Jackson Tung Elected as the New Chair and Ms. Nan Jiang Elected as the New President

The seventh board election has successfully concluded, and all five candidates have been elected to serve the Seventh ACCEF Board of Directors (2016-2018). They are: Charles Huang, Li Li, Nan Jiang, Jackson Tung, and Lucy Xia.

After the election, a joint 6th and 7th Board meeting was held at Linda Mok’s house in San Diego on September 11, 2016 at 5:30 pm (pacific time).  Those attended the meeting were Ms. Linda Mok (Chairperson serving the 6th board), Mr. Charles Huang (departing President, serving the 6th and 7th board), Ms. Li Li (serving the 6th and 7th board), Ms. Nan Jiang (serving the 6th and 7th board), Mr. Jackson Tung (serving the 6th and 7th board; attending the meeting from China via video conferencing), Ms. Lucy Xia (serving the 7th board). In addition, Ms. Nancy Shi was invited to attend the meeting as an administrator.

The first business item for the 7th Board was to elect the Chair and President of ACCEF.  The voting was done anonymously and administered by Nancy Shi.  The outcome was unanimous approval for:

  • Jackson Tung as Chair
  • Nan Jiang as President

Their terms along with all the 7th Board members will be for a two year period from 2016 to 2018.

Questions please send to board@accef.net

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