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We, at Youth Care Club (YCC), are a community youth group associated with American Chinese Culture and Education Foundation (ACCEF), are comprised of students from local middle schools and high schools. Youth Care Club engages in humanitarian activities in China ever since 2007. For example, after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, we raised money for the disaster victims and sponsored affected children so they may continue their educations. A group of us traveled to Sichuan helped rebuilding damaged schools.  Although the area has largely recovered from the earthquake, we continue to fund the educations of impoverished children in China to help them achieve their dreams. We are currently sponsoring four female high school students from remote Yunnan Province, one of the poorest areas in China.

In addition to our work helping Chinese students, we actively contribute to our communities in San Diego area. We participate in beach cleaning, volunteer at the House of China in Balboa Park, work with Feeding America, serve the less fortunate with the Salvation Army, perform at various senior centers, and many more! We also host community events like talent shows and picnics to help fund our activities.

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ACCEF YCC Hosted a Potluck Party to Welcome New Members

On Memorial Day weekend of 2016, around 75 students and parents have attended a potluck party hosed by the Youth Care Club(YCC) of ACCEF. The current President of ACCEF, Charles Huang, shared with the attendees the history of ACCEF and YCC, as well as ACCEF’s commitment to promote charity involvement among the youth. He also emphasized that YCC served as an excellent platform for teenage students to develop leadership and compassion while, in the mean time, to work as a team and support one another. Emma Wang, YCC parent leader, gave a general overview of all programs and projects managed by YCC currently. The YCC presidents from six high school branches also shared their leadership experience with new members.  YCC have established branches in the following schools: Canyon Crest Academy, Mt Carmel High School, Scripps Ranch High School, The Bishop’s School, Del Norte High School, Rancho Bernardo High School, Torrey Pines High School and Westview High School.

About 20 students have participated in the Student Dish Contest. Attendees enjoyed dishes such as pasta, fried rice, pork, dumplings, salad, brownies, jello etc. Everything was so delicious and after voting four winners have won the prizes.

All of the YCC project groups have recruited new members to help support several future events in 2016. They are planning to arrange the annual College Conference on July 9, hosted by William Mao and Jacob Zhang, a talent show on August 20 led by July Qin and Ines Serf, and a SABPA picnic on August 21 coordinated by Angela Liu and Annie Lu. Kevin Li with the guidance from parents will also lead a team to build a new YCC website. Besides the regular events and activites dedicated to fundraising and supporting teens in rural areas of China, YCC is also working on improving the communication between the sponsored students and YCC members, which will be led by Sharon Lai and Patrick Zhuang.

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Reported by Jinyi Hong, Photo by Nan Jiang