Photos – 2017 ACCEF Chinese New Year Show

Thank you for attending this year’s 2017 ACCEF Chinese New Year Show.

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金鸡报晓 共创明天 美国圣地亚哥华人举办ACCEF慈善春晚过大年

ACCEF 公众号报道

第十一届“心手相连”慈善春晚于2017年1月22日晚在Poway Center for Performing Arts 落下帷幕

2017 ACCEF Chinese New Year Celebration

Dear Friends of ACCEF,

Since 2004, the American Chinese Culture and Education Foundation (ACCEF) has provided financial support to more than 1000 students in poor, mountainous regions in 13 provinces in rural China. We have built 17 schools and provided sporting goods, computer equipment, winter clothing, school desks, chairs, books and magazines to over 30 schools. We have also organized successful fund raisers for natural disaster victims such as San Diego 2007 wild fire and 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

As an organization dedicated to not only education, we also pride ourselves in promoting and sharing culture and arts with the mainstream society and other ethnic groups.  On January 22, 2017, we will host a Chinese New Year celebration, i.e. the Eleventh ACCEF Charity Performance, at Poway Center for the Performing Arts in Poway, CA.  Over 1000 local Chinese are expected to join the event. More than 800 audiences will enjoy outstanding performances by renowned professionals and art groups, including Chinese traditional music, folk dances, martial arts, opera singing, acrobatic show and American tap dance.   

We would like to cordially invite you to come and attend the event, and hopefully share this wonderful experience with the rest of the San Diego’s larger community.  Please find below the show information:

Time: Sunday, 6:30pm, January 22, 2017

Place: Poway Center for the Performing Arts, 15498 Espola Rd, Poway, CA 92064

Ticketing: 858-229-3607

Thank you very much for your support! We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event!

Nan Jiang
President, ACCEF

Students Visit in the Town of Luoshi, Sichuan Province

Recently, as part of a group of ACCEF volunteers, I traveled back to the region affected by the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake to help distribute funds for ACCEF sponsored students in the town of Luoshi.

We have traveled the route to Luoshi for countless times since the 2008 earthquake. Most of the students we sponsored since 2008 have graduated from middle school and moved on to high school/college/career. Now only 3 students are still in middle school. Seeing how they are doing now compared to 8 years ago made us all very proud of what we have achieved.

One of the old photos taken 8 years ago showed me being interviewed by a Beijing TV reporter when the ACCEF’s 20-ton truck loaded with relief supplies arrived at Dujiangyan. Only then did I learn that ACCEF was the first international charitable organization to reach the frontline of the disaster zone. 8 years on, we are determined to carry on what we have started and continued to sponsor students in the region.




ACCEF 2016 Thanksgiving Banquet

On Nov 20, 2016, ACCEF held the 12th Annual Thanksgiving Banquet, a grand gathering of nearly 180 philanthropists, sponsors, volunteers, and friends.

After ACCEF Chairman and President introduced ACCEF’s mission, organizational structure, current projects, and work teams, the head of Student Projects team gave a detailed presentation of what projects ACCEF has taken on in 2016.

One-on-One Rainbow project currently has 160 sponsors to fund nearly 250 students. They are mainly elementary, middle school, and high school students, and a few college students. One of the sponsored students, Mr. Liu, was recently admitted to Tsinghua University, a top university in China. In a letter to ACCEF, he wrote, “for a while, Tsinghua University was just a beautiful but remote dream, and now it has come true. In this long and struggling journey, there was so much pain. However, thanks to ACCEF’s companionship, I’ve never felt lonely all these years!

Care Class project, with the generosity from San Diego Lion’s Club, a long time ACCEF sponsor, and 40 Qualcomm employees, is able to establish 2 classes: one middle school class of 50 students in Zhaojue Middle School, and one high school class of 50 students in Ethnicity High School.

Proud Students project not only provides financial support to nearly 50 high schoolers and college students, but also help them with counseling seminars on how to study efficiently, improve communication skills, and make career planning.

Special Needs project funded book shelves for Qilong Elementary School Library in WeiNing County, Guizhou Province, book shelves, tables, and chairs for Wumen Ling Middle School Library in Huichuang County, Jiangxi Province, rooftop repair for Panlong Elementary school in Daofu County, Sichuan Province.

The Award Ceremony at the Banquet highlighted Ms. Linda Mok’s Lifetime Dedication Award, Ms. Yaofang Fu’s Outstanding Volunteer Award, and Mr. Ran Lu’s Outstanding Volunteer Award. Ms. Mok was the one of the founding members and had served as Chairwomen a few times ever since. She has not only dedicated herself but also her entire family to the establishment and development of the Foundation. She is the reason why many volunteers join and stay in the cause. The Foundation thanks Ms. Fu and Mr. Lu, senior volunteers, the long-term heads of the Student Project group, for many years at the most tedious front line of work. They have spent thousands of hours in finding sponsors, managing students’ information, communicating with sponsors and local volunteers in China, and travelling to remote areas to get first-hand information about sponsored students.

Towards the end, the Foundation also recognized Youth Care Club’s active members. They are the young generation of volunteers, participating in San Diego local community events, organizing College Conference for local high school students, and fundraising for underprivileged students in China.

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Donation Funds Distributed to the Sponsored Students in Huichang, China in Oct. 2016

A total of 9600 RMB (approximately 1.5K USD) of ACCEF Donation Fund was distributed to 8 students at Huichang Middle School of Jiangxi Province on Oct. 26, 2016. They are beneficiaries of the successful ACCEF Rainbow Project. In 2009 Huichang Middle School became one of many ACCEF sponsored schools, and dozens of students’ life has been changed ever since.

2016 ACCEF Annual Picnic – Pictures

The annual 2016 ACCEF Annual Picnic was a huge success. This event is in appreciation for everyone who supports and volunteers with our organization. Thank you!

Please see the feature by US Chinese Press click here.

Photos below by Shiping Li. See full album click here.

2016 ACCEF Annual Picnic

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Election of the 7th Board of ACCEF – Jackson Tung Elected as the New Chair and Ms. Nan Jiang Elected as the New President

The seventh board election has successfully concluded, and all five candidates have been elected to serve the Seventh ACCEF Board of Directors (2016-2018). They are: Charles Huang, Li Li, Nan Jiang, Jackson Tung, and Lucy Xia.

After the election, a joint 6th and 7th Board meeting was held at Linda Mok’s house in San Diego on September 11, 2016 at 5:30 pm (pacific time).  Those attended the meeting were Ms. Linda Mok (Chairperson serving the 6th board), Mr. Charles Huang (departing President, serving the 6th and 7th board), Ms. Li Li (serving the 6th and 7th board), Ms. Nan Jiang (serving the 6th and 7th board), Mr. Jackson Tung (serving the 6th and 7th board; attending the meeting from China via video conferencing), Ms. Lucy Xia (serving the 7th board). In addition, Ms. Nancy Shi was invited to attend the meeting as an administrator.

The first business item for the 7th Board was to elect the Chair and President of ACCEF.  The voting was done anonymously and administered by Nancy Shi.  The outcome was unanimous approval for:

  • Jackson Tung as Chair
  • Nan Jiang as President

Their terms along with all the 7th Board members will be for a two year period from 2016 to 2018.

Questions please send to

ACCEF Donated Library Furniture to Junmengling Middle School in JiangXi Province

It has been six years since the main classroom building put to use for Junmenling Middle School in Huichang County, Jiangxi Province in China. Thanks to the efforts of the staff and faculty, there were over 21,000 books accumulated over the years for the students to read and review, except that they there were no tables or chairs in the library. Students had to stand by the window or kneel down on the floor while reading books. (as shown in the picture) And the books were neither organized nor indexed.


2016-08-17 (1) 2016-08-17


Library-07 Library-03 Library-04Library-16Library-19

As ACCEF received a request for funding from our volunteers in Jiangxi, we have immediately approved the funding for the project. In June 2016, ACCEF volunteers have delivered 9 reading tables, 30 chairs, and 5 book shelves to the school. Along with the installation of the new furniture, the school has established a new set of library rules and policies to ensure proper management of book flow and loan terms. All the 115 teachers and 1633 students in Junmengling Middle School are now able to enjoy reading in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

(Written by Nan Jiang. Material and photos provided by Yonghuang Zeng)