Board of Directors


A few words from the Chair……

ACCEF is all about people.  We are members, volunteers, donors, art/culture workers, parents and youngsters.  ACCEF is a platform to allow people with love, talent, and resources to enrich our society through cultural programs and charitable projects.


As your 7th (2016-2018) Board Chair, I welcome you to join our efforts to pursue the mission of people helping people.

I can be reached at:


QQ: 839743213
WeChat ID: doctortung
Skype name: jacksontung


Jackson Tung

 A Few Words from the President

With over ten years of strong track record of educational projects in China, and culture promotional efforts in the US, ACCEF’s new focus is not only to do some good but also to do them well.


Toward this objective, we will expand our donor network and strengthen our volunteer team.  We will build a learning organization so that each year’s cultural activities will improve upon the previous year’s activities.


If you share the same spirit of commitment to care and support the under-priviledged population in China, or if you want to help enhance the cultural exchange and culture literacy between US and China, please join our team! Together, we can make ACCEF better and stronger!


Nan Jiang
QQ: 2259534672

7th Board Members: (2016-2018) Current
Jackson Tung (董曉儂) , Chair of Board
Charles Huang (黄青)
Li Li (李黎)
Lucy Xia (夏广陆)

6th Board Members: (2014-2016)
Linda Mok (周寧芸), Chair of Board
Charles Huang (黄青)
Li Li (李黎)
Nan Jiang (蒋楠)
Jackson Tung (董曉儂)

5th Board Members: (2012-2014)
Linda Mok (周寧芸)
Charles Huang (黄青)
Li Li (李黎)

4th Board Members (2010-2012)
Lily (Xuan) Chang ( 常萱)
Zhuoya Huang (黄卓娅)
Li Li (李黎)
Yuebiao Wang(王岳彪)
Jing Zeng (曾晶)
Wendy Zhuang (庄文博)

3rd Board Members (2008-2010)
Charles Huang (黄青), Chair of board
Jing Zeng (曾晶),
Bill Wang (王岳彪),
Hongyue Zhang (张宏跃)
Wei Gao (高玮)
Shao-Yi He (何绍义)
Lily Chang (常萱)

2nd Board Members (2006-2008)

Maria L. Gee (李 Xian峴 ) , The Chair person
Linda Mok (周寧芸), The Honor-Chair person
Charles Huang (黄青), The Vice-Chairman
Lily Chang (常萱), The Vice-Chair person
Shao-Yi He (何绍义), The Secretary
Jing Zeng (曾晶),
Wei Gao (高玮)

1st Board Members (2004-2006)
Linda Mok (周寧芸), The Chair person
Maria L. Gee (李 Xian峴 ) , The Vice-Chair person
Charles Huang (黄青), The Vice-Chairman
Lily Chang (常萱), The Vice-Chair person
Nancy Shi (施曉勤), The Secretary